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The first thing that the seminarians do upon waking up is pray to God. A normal day begins with Lauds, meditation, and Mass, starting from 6:20 AM and ending around 8:00 AM. Prayers continue throughout the day, including at midday (Sext, or the Rosary), in the evening (Vespers), and at night (Compline). Thus, the seminarian is able to strive after the ideal exhorted by St. Paul to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17).


There are seven class periods in a typical class day. These class periods last for forty-five minutes each. First year seminarians have classes on topics such as liturgy and spirituality. Second and third years primarily study Philosophy, while those who are fourth year through seventh year primarily study theology.


Throughout the week, seminarians are assigned work tasks. These tasks can include something as simple as sweeping the floors or as involved as washing dishes for the meals during the week.


Recreation is a necessary part of the life of the seminarian. In addition to a period of mandatory recreation every day following lunch, there are many additional opportunities for leisure and relaxation throughout the year.

Feast Days

The seminarians strive to have their lives shaped and influenced by the liturgical calendar. On penitential days, this means fasting and penance. On feast days, they strive to honor God and the saints whose feasts they are celebrating with great festivities and rejoicing.

Ausflugs (Seminary Excursions)

The seminary takes at least one Ausflug each year. These Ausflugs are trips taken as a community to a nearby FSSP apostolate, such as Denver, Kansas City, or Minneapolis. These Ausflugs are a great way to strengthen the fraternal bonds within the community and to allow the seminarians a chance to interact with the faithful at our parishes.