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He will provide the way and the means, such as you could never have imagined. Leave it all to Him, let go of yourself, lose yourself on the Cross, and you will find yourself entirely.

— Saint Catherine of Siena

Applications are now being accepted for the fall of 2022.

The formal vocations retreat this year is closed, having been held on June 1st to 5th, 2021.  The retreat for vocations of 2022 will be announced once it is scheduled.  The retreat is only open to those who have been accepted to come.

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Application Process

English-speaking men between the ages of 18 and 35 who are considering a priestly vocation, or who are ready to apply to the FSSP, may make a short visit to the seminary during the academic year. This allows the visitor to experience the Fraternity charism and life as a seminarian. We are unable to consider candidates older than 35 years of age.

When a man is ready to begin an application, he can access all of the necessary documents under the “Documents” tab on this page. Candidates should submit the various documents by mail as they are completed, or in small batches. We will record and acknowledge receipt of these documents.

In addition to all of the application documents, candidates must attend the vocations retreat, to be held at the end of May at the Seminary (* see next paragraph if you live outside of North America). During the retreat, applicants will be interviewed individually by a panel of priests.

* (Candidates who live outside North America should contact the OLGS Vocations Office regarding the required vocations retreat. It is possible that alternate arrangements can be made to meet with an FSSP priest in a region or at our seminary in Wigratzbad, Germany. The formal visit with the FSSP priest may replace the retreat requirement.)

Retreat registration forms for the required vocations retreat will be available on this page in the month of February. The Vocations Office must approve attendance at the retreat before submission of the registration form.

Decisions on acceptance are made only after all the documents have been reviewed and interviews have been conducted during the vocations retreat in May or June. Paperwork sent in after the May deadline will be reviewed for the next academic year rather than the one starting that fall. If you have any questions about the application materials, please contact the Vocations Office for assistance.

Please be certain to check the regions found under the Questions tab to make sure you are contacting the vocations office responsible for your region.

Catholic men who are seriously considering preparation for the Roman Catholic priesthood and priestly service within a particular diocese or religious community are eligible to seek admission to Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin, and complies with all applicable non-discrimination laws not contrary to the religious mission of the Seminary. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Application Paperwork

Mail your paperwork to:

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.
ATTN: Vocations Office Secretary
PO Box 147 Denton, NE
68339 USA

The following documents are in PDF format. Please be certain that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0, or higher, to ensure compatibility with the forms. Acrobat Reader is a free application which you can obtain HERE. These forms are fillable online if you are using Acrobat.

  1. OLGS Application Checklist – Print out this form and use it as your checklist to keep track of your documents. We urge you to retain copies of all documents. If you have any questions about the items listed on this sheet, please email us. *(We request a “complete” baptismal certificate with explicit notation concerning the reception or non-reception of the sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony, a sample is included in the PDF).
  2. Application for Admission – The application form can be filled out online and printed when complete. Please note that you will not be able to save the completed file. You should print out an additional copy for your records. If you experience difficulty in opening the application, you may access a static version of the application which must be printed and filled out by hand: Static Application for Admission. If you choose this option, be certain to write legibly to avoid any delays in processing your application.
  3. Two Application Essays: See the end of the Application for Admission form for instructions on the essays.
  4. Autobiographical Guide Sheet – This sheet will provide you with topic suggestions for writing your detailed autobiography.
  5. Medical Record Form – You will need to complete the first part of this form. Your physician will need to complete the second part. This form is not fillable online – please print it and complete it by hand.
  6. Letter of Recommendation Cover Letter – This is the cover letter that you will provide to each person completing a letter of recommendation for you. If you will be providing them with a printed copy instead of forwarding a PDF copy, be certain to fill in your name at the top before printing.
  7. Letter of Recommendation – If the priests who will write your letters of recommendation are computer literate, you can either email them a copy of the PDF or point them to the direct URL. This form is fillable online. If you are printing this form to have your writers complete the document by hand, be certain to type in your name at the top before printing. Also, do not forget to include the Letter of Recommendation cover letter (#5) and offer your writers postage reimbursement. These letters must be mailed directly to the vocations office by the priest. If you experience difficulty accessing this file, a static version is available here.
  8. FBI ID Record Request – All required information and documentation for the FBI background check can be found by following the link to the FBI website. Be sure to add the seminary address as the location where the results should be mailed to: FSSP Vocations Office, PO Box 147, Denton, NE 68339.
  9. Advanced Placement and Course Exemption Information – This is an informational sheet for your records that provides you with background information on possible course advancement for previous academic work.
  10. Letter of Reference & Confirmation of Prior Formation in a Religious Community/Diocese – If you have spent any time within a religious community of any kind or if you have spent any time as a diocesan seminarian, you are required to have your bishop (for diocesan seminarians) or major superior (for religious/novices/postulants/aspirants) complete this document. In addition, if you have spent any time studying in a seminary you are also required to have the seminary rector complete this document. If the bishop/major superior or rector chooses to delegate the task to another priest we require a statement signed by him stating that he delegated the task to the other priest and that he supports what the delegated priest has written. Like the recommendation letters, you can either mail a hard copy or ask them to use the direct URL. (Please note that in addition to this document, you will also need to have two letters of recommendation, from priests, to complete the letter of recommendation requirement). For those who experience difficulty accessing this file, a static version may be found here.


The charge for room, board, and tuition is $7,000 per seminarian, per year. This amount is substantially less than the actual cost of priestly formation (about $30,000 per seminarian per year), thanks to the generous support of Fraternity benefactors. Additional expenses may include books, medical and vehicle insurance, travel to/from home during breaks, etc.

Candidates are expected to find benefactors (i.e. family, friends, Knights of Columbus, parish, etc.) to help pay for the various expenses associated with their priestly formation. Please note, however, that a candidate who does not have the ability to pay the annual charge should not be discouraged from applying. Applications will not be declined based on an inability to pay the tuition and room/board charges. More information regarding financial matters can be found on the FAQ page.


Take time to read through the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting the Vocations Office, as your concerns may be covered in that section. If you have more questions after reviewing the information on this site, please contact us at the appropriate location listed below.

  • English-speaking candidates from the Oceania region should contact:
    Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter Vocations Director
    ATTN: Fr. Duncan Wong, FSSP
    Ezechiel House Novitiate
    Residence: 44 West Street, Petersham, NSW 2049. Australia
    Postal address: PO Box 917, Petersham, NSW 2049. Australia
  • English-speaking candidates from the United Kingdom/Ireland region should contact:
    Fr. Armand de Malleray, FSSP
    St Mary’s Priory
    Smith Street
    Warrington, WA1 2NS
  • English-speaking candidates from the Africa region should contact:
    Fr. Angelo Van der Putten, FSSP
    Nne Enyemaka Shrine Umuaka
    PO Box 430
    Imo State, Orlu, Nigeria
  • English-speaking candidates from all other regions should contact:
    Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter Vocations Director
    ATTN: Fr. William Lawrence, FSSP
    Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
    PO Box 147
    Denton, NE 68339 USA
  • Spanish-speaking candidates from the Latin America region should contact:
    Fr. Daniel Heenan FSSP
    Av. Enrique Díaz de León Sur
    No. 933, Col. Moderna.
    C.P. 44190
    Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.