Seminary News

Rorate Mass: December 9, 2017

Every year, on one of the Saturdays of Advent, Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrates the "Rorate Mass," which is a candlelit Mass during Advent in honor of our Lady. The Mass starts early in the morning so that the only light during the beginning of Mass comes from the candlelight. As the Mass progresses, however, the light of dawn begins to appear in the windows so that the triple recitation of the Vespers Antiphon "Behold the Lord shall come...," which the celebrant sings after the Last Gospel, is rendered all the more fitting.

The Rorate Mass has been a traditional part of Advent and a beautiful way to anticipate the coming of our Lord in preparation for Christmas.

Minor Ordinations: November 25, 2017

We give thanks to God for the men who were received Minor Ordinations on Saturday, Nov. 25. His Excellency, Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Lincoln, graciously accepted the invitation to perform the ceremony. Please pray for these men as they continue in their discernment for the priesthood.

Thanksgiving and Buckley Bowl: November 23, 2017

Every Thanksgiving, the seminarians of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary have the tradition of playing a football game, called the "Buckley Bowl," in honor of Fr. Buckley. After a player draft, the two teams practice the week before so that they are ready to play each other on Thanksgiving morning. This year, both teams fought hard throughout the game, and though the one team always held the higher score, the game remained close until the end. However, Deacon Michael Cunningham, who has played as quarterback for the Buckley Bowl since his first year, was able to make several key passes to ensure his team's victory. The final score was 28-14.

Playing a hard game certainly worked up an appetite, which is always a good thing on Thanksgiving Day. All the seminarians enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner prepared by the seminary chefs, which was followed by a light schedule for the rest of the evening. We would like to thank all our benefactors who made a great Thanksgiving dinner possible.

Fr. Charles Ike's First Mass at OLGS: October 22, 2017

Fr. Charles Ike, FSSP, who was ordained a priest in Nigeria this past summer on the Feast of the Assumption, traveled back to the United States to offer Masses in various locations. The day after Tonsure, he was able to offer Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary for seminarians and visitors. Fr. Ike will travel back to Nigeria at the end of October to serve the Fraternity's Nigerian Apostolate.

Conferral of First Clerical Tonsure: October 21, 2017

We give thanks to God for the twelve men who received their first clerical tonsure on Saturday, October 21. His Excellency Robert Finn, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph came to celebrate the ceremony with a Solemn Pontifical Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. Please pray for those who were tonsured that they may continue to discern their vocation generously as they progress through the various stages to the priesthood.

Permanent Incorporation of Msgr. John Fritz: October 18, 2017

Msgr. John Fritz, who has been a temporarily incorporated priest with the Fraternity of St. Peter for the past several years, traveled out to the seminary to make his permanent incorporation on the Feast of St. Luke, the 29th anniversary of the establishment of the Fraternity. Before the beginning of Solemn Vespers, he came forward to make a public profession of faith and to promise fidelity to the FSSP's Constitutions. We give thanks to God for a new permanently incorporated priest in the Fraternity, and we ask for your prayers for him as he continues his priestly ministry in FSSP apostolates.

Seminary Outing to Indian Cave State Park, NE: September 29, 2017

Every fall, priests and seminarians of OLGS travel somewhere as a group to foster community spirit. This year, on the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, they traveled to Indian Cave State Park, Nebraska, right on the Missouri River to go hiking and have lunch in the park. These seminary outings are good oppportunities for the seminarians to take a break from the classroom and enjoy each other's company outdoors.