Minor Orders: November 21, 2020

Last November 21st, on the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, His Excellency Bishop Robert Finn celebrated a Pontifical Mass and ordained 18 seminarians to minor orders; 11 seminarians to the minor orders of exorcist and acolyte and 7 to the minor orders of lector and porter.

The ceremony was held in private due to the current directives, with only close family members attending.

We thank again His Excellency Bishop Finn, and we ask for your continual prayers for all the Ordinati.

Exorcist and lector

  • Mr. Jeremy Chua, FSSP
  • Mr. Stephen Wetzel, FSSP
  • Mr. Anthony Fill, FSSP
  • Mr. Brian Myers, FSSP
  • Mr. Matthew Kane, FSSP
  • Mr. Jacob Kasak, FSSP
  • Mr. Benjamin Feuerborn, FSSP
  • Mr. Joseph Duffy, FSSP
  • Mr. Christopher Eichman, FSSP
  • Mr. Charles Ohotnicky, FSSP

Porter and Lector

  • Mr. Matthew Jagas, FSSP
  • Mr. Daniel Mellino, FSSP
  • Mr.Ronald McCann, FSSP
  • Mr. Michael Caughey, FSSP
  • Mr. Steven Kalinowski, FSSP
  • Mr. Toan Cao, FSSP
  • Mr. John-Francis Sulzen, FSSP