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Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary is located in Denton, Nebraska, USA. The two largest cities in Nebraska are located nearby: Lincoln, about 7 miles distant, and Omaha, about 65 miles distant.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary is located within the territorial boundaries of the Diocese of Lincoln.

Nebraska landscape as seen from the seminary grounds

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The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) is a Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right canonically established by Pope St. John Paul II in 1988. The particular charism and mission of the Fraternity is to offer the Sacred Liturgy, including the Holy Mass and the Divine Office, as well as the sacraments, in all of their traditional solemnity, according to the Latin liturgical books of 1962. The Fraternity's name denotes our thanksgiving, filial love, and loyalty to the supreme Pontiff, who encourages our growth, as well as the brotherly unity in Christ which our priests strive to have characterized in their lives and work.

The FSSP operates two international seminaries - St. Peter's Seminary, for German and French-speaking candidates (in Wigratzbad, Germany) and Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, for English-speaking candidates. The North American seminary is named for Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas. By God's grace, enrollment has grown steadily each year since the FSSP first opened a seminary in the United States in 1993. O.L.G.S. now houses over 75 men studying for the priesthood.

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The formation program at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary is seven years long. It consists of the following divisions:

1. One year of spiritual formation: An initial "year of spirituality" introduces the candidate to the Fraternity, its community life, and a disciplined life of prayer and penance. During this time, the seminarian wears civilian dress and, in close union with his superiors and spiritual director, seeks to discern if he is truly being called to become a priest for this community.

2. Two years of philosophical studies: In order to study theology, a sound philosophical formation is necessary. As many Popes have recommended, the philosophical studies carried out at our seminary are according to the principles and methods of St. Thomas Aquinas. These two years of philosophy are complemented by a number of other subjects such as Latin, Greek, Intro to Scripture, Fundamental Theology and Gregorian Chant. Seminarians take the cassock at the beginning of their second year and become temporary incorporated members of the Fraternity.

3. Four years of theological studies: This is a systematic study of the entire content of the Catholic faith. The principal work used is the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas. This is augmented by study of the historical and scriptural basis for the Church's explication of dogma, as well as authentic teaching and development that has taken place in subsequent centuries. In addition to Dogmatic and Moral Theology, Exegesis, Liturgy, Church History, Canon Law, and Gregorian Chant are also studied during these years. A semester, or year, of apostolic work is included in the four years.

The progression and advancement toward priesthood includes Minor, as well as Major Orders (Porter, Lector, Acolyte, Exorcist, Subdiaconate, Diaconate & Priesthood). This systematic integration into priesthood provides reassurances along the way towards ordination. At the end of the formation process, the seminarian has progressed through a development of his spiritual and ascetic life within the context of community living. Following priestly ordination, the priest will be assigned to a particular apostolate within the Fraternity that includes parish work, teaching and possible further studies.

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